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Rilis SimplyMEPIS 11.0 Alpha 2

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Warren Woodford mengumumkan ketersediaan rilis alpha kedua SimplyMEPIS 11.0, distribusi desktop berbasis Debian yang mudah digunakan:

MEPIS LinuxThe 8th anniversary of the MEPIS Linux project is coming up on Sunday. In time for that event, the second alpha release of SimplyMEPIS 11.0 has been uploaded. 11.0 continues to track Debian ‘Squeeze’ but with a 2.6.36 Linux kernel. In this release, MEPIS has backported the Galbraith latency patch which improves desktop performance. A number of bugs have been fixed which affected installation and booting from USB key. One of the fixes was to discontinue using gfxboot and replace it with isolinux, at least for the time being. For this release, isolinux has a new splash wallpaper. Users are encouraged to comment on the new wallpaper at the mepislovers.org forum site.

Anda dapat membaca pengumuman rilis singkat untuk mengetahui detail lebih lanjut mengenai rilis ini.

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