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Rilis sidux 2010-01 Preview 1

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Stefan Lippers-Hollmann mengumumkan ketersediaan rilis preview pertama sidux 2010-01, distribusi Linux desktop dan Live CD berbasis cabang unstable Debian:

siduxNow that KDE 4.4.3 and Linux kernel 2.6.34 have entered the archive, we have the pleasure to announce the immediate availability of the first preview for sidux 2010-01 ‘Hypnos’. While waiting for the availability of KDE 4.4.x, ‘Hypnos’ development concentrated on overhauling the early boot sequence for live and installed systems with regards to concurrent dependency-based booting and the integration of kernel 2.6.34. sidux now uses CONCURRENCY=makefile and continues to embrace GRUB 2 on the installed system, with isolinux and an improved gfxboot theme on the live system. KDE-based ISO images can now make use of Partition Manager instead of GParted.

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