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Rilis Sidux 2009.3 Preview 1

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Stefan Lippers-Hollmann telah mengumumkan rilis tinjauan pertama sidux 2009.3, distribusi desktop berbasis cabang debian unstable telah tersedia untuk di tes :

A little later than originally planned, we now have the pleasure to announce the immediate availability of the first preview for sidux 2009-03 ‘Momos’, shipping with kernel 2.6.31 and KDE 4.3.2. For ‘Momos’, development had to take massive upstream changes for sysvinit/ insserv, X.org and device detection, as well as sidux infrastructure changes into account, but also concentrates on furthering the KDE 4 integration into sidux and upgrading to kernel 2.6.31. Subsequently it is the first sidux release to ship without KDE 3 or Qt 3 packages.

Anda bisa membaca catatan rilis untuk informasi lebih detil. Download (SHA256): sidux-2009-03-pre1-kde-lite-i386.iso (559MB), sidux-2009-03-pre1-kde-lite-amd64.iso (564MB), sidux-2009-03-pre1-xfce-lite-i386-amd64.iso (762MB).

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