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Rilis sidux 2009-02

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Stefan Lippers-Hollmann mengumumkan rilis sidux 2009-02, distribusi Linux desktop berbasis cabang unstable Debian:

siduxA little later than originally planned, we now have the pleasure to announce the immediate availability of sidux 2009-02 ‘?ether’, shipping with kernel 2.6.30 and KDE 4.2.4. The ISO is completely based on Debian ‘sid’, enriched and stabilized with sidux’ own packages and scripts. ‘Aether’ mostly concentrates on integrating KDE 4 into sidux and implementing the changes caused by kernel 2.6.30. We strongly recommend against allowing ‘ia32-apt-get’.

Anda dapat membaca catatan rilis untuk informasi lebih detail mengenai rilis ini.

Unduh media live versi lengkap “KDE Full” atau versi ringan “Xfce” (MD5):

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