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Rilis Scientific Linux 6 Beta 2

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Connie Sieh mengumumkan rilis beta kedua Scientific Linux 6 yang siap untuk diunduh dan dites:

Scientific LinuxWe have released the second beta of Scientific Linux 6. Changed since beta 1: yum-autoupdate was added, it is installed by default. Changes since Scientific Linux 5: all configurations are now in /etc/sysconfig/yum-autoupdate, nothing depends on this, so it can be removed if desired; SL_no_colorls was added; updated Plymouth rings image with smoother font; Install-DVD – this DVD contains only the packages TUV had on their install DVD, if users install with this DVD they are able to select the updates repository without problems; Everything-DVDs – these are the DVDs we’ve always released containing the entire DVD release.

Anda da pengumuman rilis untuk daftar masalah yang telah diketahui dan rencana rilis beta ketiga.


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