Rilis Scientific Linux 6 Beta 1

Setelah lima build alpha, rilis beta pertama Scientific Linux 6 tersedia untuk diunduh dan dites. Scientific Linux merupakan distribusi yang dibangun dari paket sumber untuk Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6 dan saat ini merupakan clone RHEL yang paling mendekati rilis stabil. Dari pengumuman rilis:

Scientific LinuxWe have released the first beta of Scientific Linux 6. Changed since alpha 5: the SELinux OpenAFS problem has been fixed; the mechanism to enforce password authentication has changed, that’s now configured in /etc/sysconfig/init – this update reflects that change; we have finished the check of our packages against TUV packages – we check files, permissions, scripts, requires, depends, and a few other checks; with this release we fixed the following packages – elinks, jwhois, perl-CGI-Session, perl-IPC-Run3, perl-Makefile-Parser, perl-Sys-Virt, perl-Test-Memory-Cycle.

Tester beta yang berminat dapat mengunduh image DVD instalasi dari: