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Rilis Scientific Linux 6 Alpha

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Troy Dawson mengumumkan ketersediaan build alpha pertama Scientific Linux 6, distribusi yang dikompilasi dari kode sumber Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 yang beru saja dirilis dan diberi tambahan aplikasi ekstra:

Scientific LinuxWe have released the first alpha release of Scientific Linux 6. This first release installs and works. Packages that haven’t been built, and aren’t in the release include Ruby, Ekiga, Foomatic, Guile, Hivex, TurboGears2… We do not have all of the updates that Red Hat has released. Currently the installer says there is only a ‘minimal’ install available at the package selection, but if you go into ‘Customize now’ shows that a normal desktop install is selected – we plan on fixing this. There are no specialized pictures shown during the install, just the one that you see through the whole time – we are attempting to get this fixed. We are planning on SL6 alpha 2 to be released next Friday.

Anda dapat membaca informasi detail di pengumuman rilis.


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