Rilis Scientific Linux 6 Alpha 3

Troy Dawson mengumumkan ketersediaan build alpha ketiga Scientific Linux 6:

Scientific LinuxWe have released the third alpha of Scientific Linux 6. Fixed/changes in alpha 3: SELinux – you no longer get an error about SELinux during the install and the default install has it turned on; NTP error – we believe the NTP error was because of the SELinux problems we were having – when we fixed SELinux, the NTP error went away; package check – we have compared our packages with the upstream vendor’s and found several differences; we have rebuilt around 240 packages, resulting in around 360 binary packages that have changed; revisor clean-up and documentation. Known issues: packages that haven’t been built and aren’t in the release include Ekiga, kdepim-runtime, perl-Sys-Virt. There are no specialized pictures shown during the install.

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