Rilis Scientific Linux 6.1 RC1

Troy Dawson mengumumkan ketersediaan kandidat rilis pertama dari dua yang direcanakan untuk Scientific Linux 6.1:

Scientific LinuxThe first release candidate for Scientific Linux 6.1 has been released. Everything is looking very stable. We will let release candidate 1 (RC1) sit for a week and a half so people can find any last-minute bugs. If everything goes well we expect RC2 on July 26, with the final release later that week. Changes since beta 2: sl-indexhtml – fixed minor typos, de-DE, ja-JP, fr-FR translations; sl-release – updated yum configurations to point to 6.1 instead of 6rolling; sl-revisor-configs – added iso_label and iso_basename to revisor.conf entries, changed all configurations in conf.d to be 6x instead of 6.0; yum-conf-sl-other – changed fastbugs and debuginfo from 6rolling to $releasever.

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