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Rilis SAM Linux 2009

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SAM Linux distribusi berbasis PCLinuxOS berupa Live CD yang menyajikan Desktop XFCETelah dirilis : The Sam Linux team announces the release of SAM Linux 2009. The distribution is based on PCLinuxOS 2009.1 but it will be the last release based on PCLinuxOS. The most important changes are the upgrade to kernel version, Xfce 4.6.1, support of a variety of WLAN hardware and support of the MSI Wind netbook architecture. Minor changes include the upgrade of all packages as of 18 July 2009 and the use of Opera as email client instead of Thunderbird. SAM Linux 2009 is made fully compatible with the PCLinuxOS repositories. In the process of changing from PCLinuxOS to a distribution still unannounced we will stop hosting our own PCLinuxOS repository but we will keep up the support for SAM Linux 2009 as long as it is in use by our community. Info lengkap bisa anda baca di Pengumuman Rilis. Unduh: SAM2009.iso (679MB, MD5).

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