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Rilis Salix OS 13.1.2 “Fluxbox Live”

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George Vlahavas mengumumkan rilis Salix OS 13.1.2 edisi “Fluxbox Live”. Distribusi ringan dalam bentuk Live CD berbasis Slackware :

Salix OSSalix Live Fluxbox 13.1.2 is now ready and completes the collection of Salix live CD 13.1.2 series. As in the Salix Fluxbox standard edition, the live CD edition offers a functional, reliable and responsive desktop environment that is fully equipped with modern and powerful tools, while its minimalistic window manager is designed to stay completely out of the way. Following the one-application-per-task rationale, Salix Live Fluxbox edition includes the full OpenOffice.org office suite and the powerful image editor, GIMP. As in all Salix editions, the installation of legally encumbered multimedia codecs is only a couple of clicks away by using the ‘Install multimedia codecs’ tool from the Multimedia section of the Fluxbox menu.

Anda dapat membaca pengumuman rilis untuk informasi detail mengenai rilis ini. Unduh (MD5):

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