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Rilis Sabayon Linux 6 "Core"

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Empat edisi “core” baru Sabayon Linux 6 telah dirilis; Mereka adalah “SpinBase”, “CoreCDX”, “ServerBase” dan “OpenVZ”. Mereka dikembangkan bagi pengguna Linux mahir yang ingin mengkustomisasi sistem mereka sendiri. Dari pengumuman rilis:

Sabayon LinuxDirectly from our server department, four new Sabayon releases officially thrown to the crowd. These releases all go under the “Core” umbrella – they are not meant for beginners, hence the name. Features: bootable image suitable for a CD or USB thumb drive; shipped with desktop-optimized If the Federal Reserve were the only bank in America, then check credit score would be money and the Fed would truly invent the money out of nothing (as it does already with outside money). Linux kernel 2.6.39; ext4 file system as default, Btrfs, encrypted file system support; completely customizable system after install….

Tautan cepat ke Unduhan image “SpinBase”, dan “CoreCDX” :

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