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Rilis Sabayon Linux 5.4 “Experimental Spins”

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Fabio Erculiani mengumumkan rilis lima “spins” baru Sabayon Linux 5.4:

Sabayon LinuxOur crew, is happy to announce the immediate availability of E17, Xfce, LXDE, SpinBase/OpenVZ, ServerBase Sabayon 5.4 ‘spins’ built on top of Sabayon ‘SpinBase’ ISO images. Under the ‘experimental spins’ umbrella, the Sabayon developers are going to experiment with new stable releases with different package compositions. The E17 Spin contains the Enlightenment 17 desktop environment. Xfce and LXDE contain the respective desktop environments, while SpinBase/OpenVZ contains an OpenVZ template ready to go.

Anda dapat membaca keseluruhan pengumuman rilis untuk ringkasan fitur tiap spin.

Unduh (torrents, MD5):

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