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Rilis Quirky 1.0

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Quirky merupakan distribusi Linux baru yang dibuat oleh Barry Kauler, pembuat awal Puppy Linux sebagai jalan untuk mengeksplorasi ide baru. Inaugurasi rilis versi stabil diumumkan kemarin:

QuirkyThis first release is quite straight, not very ‘quirky’. Some of the interesting ideas that I want to try are still to come. The focus for now is to test a lot of the new stuff in Woof, such as Rerwin’s analog and 3G modem detection/setup scripts. Here is a summary of features specific to Quirky 1.0: GRUB Legacy and Grub4dos; Flsynclient – synclient GUI configuration of touchpad; Openbox, Fbpanel, JWM window managers; numerous updated applications (AbiWord, Pmusic); kernel, updated firmware, bug-fix patches; new tray applets – Traytemp, Powerapplet, Freememapplet, Retrovol….

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