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Rilis Puppy Linux 5.0 "Wary"

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Barry Kauler mengumumkan rilis Puppy Linux edisi “Wary”, distribusi untuk komputer tua. Meskipun namanya mirip tetapi ini bukan distribusi turunan Ubuntu tetapi distribusi yang dikembangkan secara independen yang mendukung instalasi aplikasi dari repository Ubuntu. Dari pengumuman rilis:

Puppy LinuxPuppy Linux “Wary” is a parallel development to our other flagship Puppy, Luci Puppy, but with a different target market – older hardware. Puppies built with recent Linux kernel and X.Org may not work casino online properly on older computers. In particular, some analog dial-up modem drivers cannot be compiled with recent kernels. Another major area is old video hardware not working with latest X.Org drivers. Wary is built with an old kernel (currently and X.Org 7.3 so as to provide better drivers for the older hardware. However, Wary is in all other respects at the leading-edge like the other puppies, with recent applications, and support for all modern peripherals.


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