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Rilis Pinguy OS 11.04 Beta

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Antoni Norman mengumumkan ketersediaan build testing baru Pinguy OS 11.04, distribusi Linux desktop berbasis Ubuntu:

Pinguy OSPinguy OS 11.04 beta. Most of the bugs that where in the alpha are now sorted apart from Compiz auto-starting. The beta is mostly unchanged from the alpha apart from the original Conky which is now set as the default, ConnMan has been removed and GNOME NetworkManager has been put back. This is mainly because ConnMan is still missing a few features that many people will need, like seeing hidden networks. The default wallpaper will still likely be changed, we still need to pick one that the whole community likes. Once it nears its final release most of the PPAs will be removed and we will have are own repository that will mirror the PPAs and repositories. This way we will have more control of the updates and will be able to push are own.

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