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Rilis Pinguy OS 10.10

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Antoni Norman mengumumkan rilis Pinguy OS 10.10, distribusi berbasis Ubuntu untuk desktop dengan berbagai perbaikan keramahan pengguna:

Pinguy OSPinguy OS 10.10 final has just been released. There are a few changes worth mentioning since Pinguy OS 10.10 beta 2: new wallpapers; replaced Vinagre with Remmina; added a script to fix Synaptics Multitouch; turned the firewall on by default; added Nautilus Easy Union; added Giver; lock keys (Caps Lock, Num Lock and Scroll Lock) NotifyOSD notifications; added Nautilus Columns (extra EXIF and FLAC/MP3 metadata in Nautilus); Granola has been added for better battery life on netbooks and laptops, should save around 10 to 15% power consumption; updated Wine to 1.3 from 1.2; added Zeitgeist data sources; installed the missing firmware packages that haven’t been added….

Anda dapat mengunjungi forum pengguna proyek untuk membaca pengumuman rilis singkat.


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