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Rilis Pinguy OS 10.04.2

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Antoni Norman mengumumkan rilis Pinguy OS 10.04.2, update minor distribusi berbasis Ubuntu untuk desktop dengan dukungan jangka panjang:

Pinguy OSReleased Pinguy OS 10.04.2 ‘Revisted’. As 10.04 is long-team support I didn’t want it to fall behind. This is an updated version, it’s a bit bigger then what it was before (by 300 MB) because I didn’t build this from scratch, I just updated the existing image. As of Thursday, 10th February, this was fully updated. I have added TeamViewer 6 to the install. After talking to a few people it seems many people that use Pinguy OS have installed it on a friend’s or family’s PC. Having TeamViewer 6 pre-installed will help them to give support and maintain their installs.

Rilis ini berisi banyak fitur baru, anda dapat membacanya di pengumuman rilis.

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