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Rilis Peppermint OS One-05222010

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Kendall Weaver mengumumkan rilis Peppermint OS One-05222010, distribusi Linux desktop ringan berbasis Lubuntu yang menyajikan window manager Openbox dan berbagai aplikasi web based:

Peppermint OSWe’re proud to offer the first official Peppermint OS respin, featuring a fully updated system, a few bug fixes, and a few new features. We’re going to be respinning the ISO every few weeks in order to make sure that fresh downloads will reflect the improvements we’re making. Note that it’s easy to update your existing Peppermint OS installation, so if you have it running the way you want it, there’s no reason to download a respin. What’s new? Mouse and keyboard settings are persistent; improved localization support for folders; Quick Search in Synaptic now works; improved support for printing to PDF format; improved support for 3g connectivity…

Anda bisa membaca pengumuman rilis untuk daftar lengkap perubahan dan perbaikan.


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