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Rilis Peppermint OS One-01042011

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Shane Remington mengumumkan rilis Peppermint OS One-01042011, distribusi berbasis Ubuntu yang menampilkan desktop LXDE dan banyak aplikasi berbasis web lain yang telah terintegrasi:

Peppermint OSWe are proud to announce the availability of Peppermint OS One-01042011 being the latest respin of our original release. This version offers a fully updated system as of January 4, 2011 and comes with some bug fixes as well as some new features. The default kernel has been updated to 2.6.35 in order to stay more current regarding hardware support and to match the kernel in Peppermint Ice. The Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) has been completely removed from this version in order to help with performance and to increase application modularity. The default screenshot application has been replaced with PyShot, a simple Python/GTK+ application.

Anda dapat membaca keseluruhan pengumuman rilis untuk detail lebih lanjut mengenai rilis ini.


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