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Rilis Pengembangan Unity Linux 2010 Beta 2

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Matthew Dawkins mengumumkan ketersediaan rilis beta kedua Unity Linux 2010, sebuah distro minimalis yang memaketkan openbox dan smart package management, berbasis Mandriva Linux

The Unity Linux project is pleased to announce its second beta release, 2010 Beta 2. We have taken the last four weeks to provide many needed fixes and continual updates to the core offering of our software. Changelog: updated X.Org Server to 1.7.3; fixed Aufs for GVFS support; new kernel version; additional firmware; NDISwrapper module is fixed and working with kernels 2.6.30 and higher; overall there are about 200 updates since beta 1. Known issues: RPM 5 filetriggers feature is not fixed yet; X.Org Server 1.7.3 is not yet supported by the ATI proprietary driver….

Anda bisa membaca pengumuman rilis untuk informasi lebih detil.

Unduh: Unity32-2010-Beta2.iso (235MB, MD5), Unity64-2010-Beta2.iso (271MB, MD5).

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