Rilis Pengembangan Pardus Linux 2009.1 RC

Onur Küçük mengumumkan ketersediaan rilis kandidat pertama Pardus Linux 2009.1, sekarang juga tersedia dalam Live CD :

A release candidate of Pardus Linux 2009.1 is ready. Starting with this release, Pardus Linux ISO files are generated as hybrid images. The same hybrid image can be burned to a CD, DVD or dumped to a hard disk-like media, such as a USB stick. Pardus Linux 2009.1 RC comes with the latest stable KDE release, enhanced hardware support, and bigger software archive with up to date packages such as KDE 4.3.4, Linux kernel, 3.1.1, Mozilla Firefox 3.5.7, GIMP 2.6.7, X.Org Server 1.6.5, Python 2.6.4 and many more on just one CD.

Anda bisa membaca pengumuman rilis untuk informasi lebih detil.

Unduh : Pardus_2009.1_RC.iso (680MB, SHA1).

Image Live CD dengan bahasa Inggris dan Turki dapat diunduh dari : Pardus_Calisan_2009.1_RC.iso (700MB, SHA1).