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Rilis Pengembangan Chakra Fuzzy

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Phil Miller merilis build pengembangan Chakra, Distribusi Linux berorientasi desktop yang dikembangkan dari Arch-Linux dalam bentuk Live CD/DVD dengan KDE 4 dan Installer mode grafis:

Today we are pleased to announce the release of a development release named Fuzzy of our very own Chakra live media. It comes in two flavours, DVD and minimal, which contain a big amount of fixed bugs and polishing done all over the place. There is also a slew of new features like an improved hardware detection, an auto-updater called ‘chase’, updated Shaman and brand new hybrid images. Most noticeable changes and additions since Alpha 3: Linux kernel + fglrx patch, KDE 4.3.2, updated Tribe, American locales fixed….”

Anda bisa membaca Pengumuman Rilis . Unduh: chakra-minimal-i686.iso (668MB, MD5), chakra-dvd-i686.iso (1,385MB, MD5), chakra-minimal-x86_64.iso (684MB, MD5), chakra-dvd-x86_64.iso (1,413MB, MD5).

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