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Rilis PelicanHPC 2.3

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Michael Creel mengumumkan rilis PelicanHPC 2.3, distribusi Live CD berbasis Debian untuk kluster komputasi performa tinggi (High Performance Computing) yang sebelumya dikenal dengan nama ParallelKnoppix:

PelicanHPC GNU LinuxPelicanHPC 2.3 is available. From this release forward, Debian ‘Squeeze’ will be the base for PelicanHPC, until further notice. Also, PelicanHPC is henceforth available only in a 64-bit edition. There are no major changes since version 2.2, apart from the newer versions of most packages. In particular, the kernel is now at 2.6.32, and Xfce is looking sharp at version 4.6.2. In the move from ‘Lenny’ to ‘Squeeze’ as the base, the Ganglia monitoring system has stopped working, because the configuration files have not yet been updated. I would be happy to receive gmond.conf and gmetad.conf files that cause the installed version of Ganglia to work properly on PelicanHPC. KSysGuard still works well as a cluster monitor, though.

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