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Rilis PelicanHPC 2.2

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Michael Creel mengumumkan rilis PelicanHPC 2.2, distribusi live CD berbasis Debian yang memudahkan kita untuk dapat membuat cluster high performance computing (HPC) dalam waktu singkat:

PelicanHPC GNU LinuxVersion 2.2 final release is available. This release has many new features, the main new feature is a simple way to save the configuration across boots. This allows for full headless remote administration, and makes it considerably more convenient to use PelicanHPC to run a permanent cluster. Other new features: auto-detection of persistent front-end home and node local scratch space; ability to run local scripts post-boot and setup; node beep after boot; firewall; automated node booting using wake-on-LAN; configuration of slots and optional front-end inclusion for MPI; Ganglia….

Daftar lengkap perubahan dapat anda lihat pada home page proyek.


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