Rilis PC/OS 10.1

Roberto Dohnert mengumumkan rilis PC/OS 10.1 edisi “OpenWorkstation GNOME”, distribusi berbasis Ubuntu untuk desktop :

The developers of PC/OS are excited to bring you this new installment in the PC/OS family. Users and customers have demanded it so we have now delivered it. This release is based on the GNOME desktop. We are targetting this release at a more high-performance crowd. What’s included? GNOME 2.28, Linux kernel 2.6.31, Empathy replaces Pidgin, 3.1, Exaile, Gambas 2, WideStudio, full multimedia codecs, Sun Java 6, Evolution groupware suite, GnomeBaker, Exaile, VLC, GIMP (with all plugins), Google Chrome, Nimbus GTK+ theme and Metacity. As we continue to improve this release we will continue to add software and tools for everyone.

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Unduh: pc-os-10-1-gnome.iso (1,110MB, MD5).