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Rilis PCLinuxOS 2011-07 “Phoenix Xfce”

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Bill Reynolds mengumumkan rilis PCLinuxOS 2011-07 edisi “Phoenix Xfce”:

PCLinuxOSPCLinuxOS Phoenix edition 2011-07 is now available for download. PCLinuxOS Phoenix edition 2011 live CD comes with the latest versions of most popular programs such as Xfce 4.8, Firefox 5.0, Thunderbird 3.1.11 just to name a few. OpenOffice.org Manager has been replaced with LibreOffice Manager. Due to the limited size of the live CD the office suite is not included but can be installed through the LibreOffice Manager either in live CD mode (3 GB of memory required) or preferably after hard drive installation. Addlocale has updated translations and can convert a PCLinuxOS installation into over 70 different languages. The software included on the live CD was based on community feedback as to what the PCLinuxOS users wanted to be included by default.

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