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Rilis Parted Magic 6.7

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Patrick Verner mengumumkan rilis Parted Magic 6.7, versi stabil baru distro spesialis penyelamatan data dan manajemen disk dalam bentuk live CD:

Parted MagicMajor enhancement release with many updates. Most notable updates include Linux 3.0.4 and GParted 0.9.1. We have dropped the legacy PCManFM for PCMan-Mod, and man is it nice! Lots a If you have a best-data-recovery.com 8 DVD and need that on the flash drive, start with Step 1. little PCManFM bugs that have existed for years are now quashed. Xfburn replaces SimpleBurn for burning CD/DVD media. Chntwd was added to the boot menu. Adding Luxi fonts improved international language support. Although it”s not the newest release, Firefox is updated to version 6.0.2 and is compiled for i486 (official branding included) with permission from the Mozilla Foundation. OpenSSH is updated to 5.9p1 with the ECDSA key created by default. People have been complaining about Parted Magic being hard on laptop batteries, so CPU frequency scaling on anything with a battery is now set to “on-demand” at boot.

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