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Rilis Parted Magic 5.2

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Patrick Verner mengumumkan ketersediaan Parted Magic 5.2, distribusi utility live yang didesain untuk mempartisi harddisk dan kegiatan penyelamatan data:

Parted MagicParted Magic 5.2 updates GParted to 0.6.2, fixes some bugs, and improves international language support. The new GParted re-enables MiB partition alignment option and fixes the problem with logical partition move overwriting the EBR. A mess of bugs have been fixed with the help of Dick Burggraaff (burdi01), Jason Vasquez, and most of all, users willing to take the time to report them and help us test. Asian language support has been greatly improved with the addition of SCIM and GCIN. GCIN is automatically started when Taiwanese is selected at the boot menu and SCIM is automatically started when Japanese or Chinese is selected at the boot menu.

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