Rilis Parted Magic 4.3

Patrick Verner mengumumkan rilis Parted Magic 4.3, rilis perbaikan bug live CD yang didesain untuk pekerjaan manajemen hard disk:

Parted MagicNot only did some bugs get fixed, but a few new programs were added too. chntpw, nilfs-utils 2.0.12, gdisk 0.2.2, Adblock Plus 1.0.2 are now part of Parted Magic’s program line-up. These programs have been updated: udev 143, glib 2.20.4, GTK+ 2.16.4, e2fsprogs 1.41.7, Firefox 3.5, FireFTP 1.0.5, Clonezilla 2.3.3-65, Linux kernel, p7zip_9.04, Partclone 0.1.1-15, NDISwrapper 1.55. We also took some time to redo the artwork. Many thanks to Jason Vasquez for heading up this effort. I think it’s the best-looking version of Parted Magic yet!

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