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Rilis Parted Magic 4.11

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Patrick Verner mengumumkan rilis Parted Magic 4.11, distribusi Linux Live CD dengan berbagai macam utiliti penyelamatan data dan piranti manajemen disk:

Parted MagicParted Magic 4.11. This version of Parted Magic updates FSArchiver 0.6.10, gDisk 0.6.7, LFTP 4.0.7, OpenSSH 5.5p1, Chromium 6.0.424.0, Linux kernel, Parted 2.3, NTFS-3G 2010.5.22, syslinux 3.86, udev 157. Xarchiver was removed in favor of using File Roller for the archive manager. To be as useful as possible while keeping the same lightweight philosophy these programs were added: lm_sensors 3.1.1, Perl 5.10.1, Clonezilla 2.3.5-21, unrar 3.9.7, vmfs-tools 0.2.1. Some major effort went into this release and I hope you enjoy it. Next release will most likely include a newer X.Org and Linux kernel. I would also like to thank burdi01 for his efforts improving the init scripts and his future work on the keyboard selection program.

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