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Rilis Parted Magic 4.10

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Patrick Verner mengumumkan rilis Parted Magic 4.10, Live CD yang berisi utility untuk penyelamatan data dan manajemen disk:

Parted Magic 4.10 updates grep to 2.6.3, BusyBox to 1.16.1, SimpleBurn to 1.5.0, sshfs-fuse to 2.2, Linux kernel to There are a few new programs as well: EncFS 1.5.2, GEncFS 1.0.0, GSSHFS 1.0.0, RLog 1.4, UNetbootin 429 and emelFM 0.6.0. Parted is patched with updates from Ubuntu to reverse a decision to use a BLKRRPART instead of the BLKPG ioctls that worked. GPicView doesn’t segfault any more. FAT32 file system now mounted as UTF8 by default. Many enhancements were made to the handling of SCSI device at boot. Creating bookmarks with Chromium no longer crashes the program.

Anda bisa mengunjungi home page partedmagic untuk membaca pengumuman rilis.

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