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Rilis Parsix GNU/Linux 3.6r1

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Alan Baghumian mengumumkan rilis Parsix GNU/Linux 3.6r1, versi baru distribusi berbasis Debian untuk desktop:

Parsix GNU/LinuxThe first updated version of Parsix GNU/Linux 3.6 ‘Vinnie’ is available for immediate download. This version merges all the published updates into the ISO images. Parsix now offers security updates. Vinnie ISO images are compiled using Squashfs 4.0 with LZMA compression and will fit on a blank DVD. We are back to using isolinux as CD/DVD boot loader, as GRUB 2 has issues such as booting from external USB devices. The updated Linux kernel with improved configuration is patched using the latest TuxOnIce suspension and hibernation and Kon Kolivas’s BFS patches. Improved live boot system loads the system faster and this version also ships our experimental USB installer that enables users to run Parsix from USB keys.

Anda dapat membaca pengumuman rilis untuk detail lebih lanjut mengenai rilis ini.


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