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Rilis Pardus Linux 2011

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Gökçen Eraslan mengumumkan rilis Pardus Linux 2011:

Pardus LinuxPardus Linux 2011 is now available. Major features in this release are: the latest Linux kernel 2.6.37 provides an up-to-date hardware support; the bootsplash technology used in Pardus 2009.2 is replaced by the new Plymouth engine; YALI, the installer of Pardus, gained LVM/RAID and UUID support; Pardus 2011 comes with the latest KDE 4.5.5; Kaptan, the desktop customization tool, now optionally captures your picture and sets it as your avatar in KDE; GNOME NetworkManager 0.8.2 is now the default networking back-end; all GTK+ applications are rendered with Oxygen style; LibreOffice is the default office suite; Mozilla Firefox 4.0 beta 9 is the default web browser.

Untuk detail lebih lanjut, anda dapat membaca pengumuman rilis. Unduh Image DVD instalasi (MD5) atau DVD live (MD5) daru:

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