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Rilis Pardus Linux 2009

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Onur Küçük mengumumkan rilis resmi Pardus Linux 2009:

Pardus LinuxThe international CD of Pardus 2009, containing 11 languages to choose from, is also available from FTP servers. This new release contains many
bug fixes and enhancements. A new, shiny KDE 4 desktop environment, improved hardware support, latest releases of Pardus Manager tools, up-to-date software repository, and performance improvements are among the many new features of Pardus 2009. Pardus 2009 has also been improved graphically in every part of the distribution. All splash systems, from bootloader to login screen, have been revised. The latest version of Pardus contains up-to-date packages like KDE 4.2.4, Linux kernel, OpenOffice.org, Mozilla Firefox 3.5.1, GIMP 2.6.6, K3b 1.66, X.Org 1.6.2 and Python 2.6.2.

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