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Rilis Pardus Linux 2009.2

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Onur Küçük mengumumkan rilis Pardus Linux 2009.2:

Pardus LinuxThe second update release of the Pardus 2009 family, Pardus Linux 2009.2 is released. The newest member of the Pardus 2009 series comes with advanced driver support, enhanced desktop environment and updated versions of packages in our repositories, providing enhanced stability, performance and easily installable environment with thousands of open-source software. One of the highlights of the new release is the latest stable KDE, version 4.4.4, and Qt 4.6.2, coming with many bug fixes, new netbook mode and new features of the Plasma system. Firefox 3.6.3 to safely browse the Internet, GIMP 2.6.8 for graphical work, the OpenOffice.org 3.2.1 office suite and programming systems like Python 2.6.5 are only a few of the updated packages of the new release.

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