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Rilis Openwall GNU/*/Linux 3.0

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Openwall GNU/*/Linux 3.0 merupakan distribusu Linux mini dengan keamanan lebih ketat yang ditujukan untuk servers, appliances, dan virtual appliances. Rilis versi 3.0 kali ini merayakan 10 tahun proyek ini berjalan:

Openwall GNU/*/LinuxI am pleased to announce that we have made a new major release of Openwall GNU/*/Linux, version 3.0. The ISO images include a live system, installable packages, the installer program, as well as full source code and the build environment. This release marks roughly 10 years of our project – development started in mid-2000, and Owl 0.1-prerelease was made public in 2001. With the 3.0 release, the Owl 2.0-stable branch is formally discontinued. We intend to proceed with further development under Owl-current and to maintain the newly-created Owl 3.0-stable branch until the next release, as usual.

Anda dapat membaca pengumuman rilis untuk informasi lebih lanjut dan instruksi upgrade.

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