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Rilis openSUSE 11.3 RC2

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Kandidat rilis kedua dan final openSUSE 11.3 siap untuk diunduh dan dites:

openSUSEFollowing up on Michael Loeffler’s previous RC1 announcement, openSUSE is now doing a final check of instrumentation before landing. The weather continues to be clear and all conditions continue to be smooth, and all systems are a go for final landing on July 15, 2010. Now is the time for us all to download the latest openSUSE RC2 release and all join in on a final check and get that 11.3 polished and in good condition. You can download RC2 from our software portal. You can find our most annoying bugs here. And if you find anything new, please do report it on Bugzilla. The ground crew needs your reports! Have a lot of fun and let’s get to downloading! They’re waiting to greet us at the terminal.

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