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Rilis openSUSE 11.3 Milestone 4

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Andreas Jaeger mengumumkan ketersediaan Milestone keempat openSUSE 11.3:

The fourth of seven scheduled milestone releases for 11.3 was completed and released on schedule. Milestone 4 focuses on switching to upstart as init daemon. Here’s what you may find interesting in the new release: OpenOffice.org has been updated to 3.2.1 Beta1 with new features; NetworkManager has been updated to version 0.8 with fixes to better support Bluetooth and GSM; CUPS has been updated to version 1.4.2, it adds over 67 changes and new features, including improved Bonjour/DNS-SD support; the conntrack network filtering system has been added; the Mono stack has been updated to the bug-fix release 2.6.3 together with MonoDevelop 2.2.2….

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