Rilis openSUSE 11.3 Milestone 1

Henne Vogelsang mengumumkan ketersediaan milestone pertama seri distro baru openSUSE 11.3:

openSUSEIt’s here! The first openSUSE 11.3 milestone. The most important goal of this first milestone is to test the build interactions between newly added features in openSUSE Factory, also known as ‘get the snapshot to build’. It is in no way feature complete or ready for daily usage. There is no code freeze for any component yet, so many major changes are still to come. This 11.3 Milestone build will give you a first glimpse of the direction we are pushing the distribution.

Untuk informasi detail mengenai fitur bary yang diharapkan akan muncul di rilis selanjutnya distribusi ini bisa anda baca di pengumuman rilis.

Apabila anda berminat untuk mencoba anda bisa mengunduh image Live CD dari: