Rilis openmamba GNU/Linux 2.0 Pre 6

Silvan Calarco mengumumkan ketersediaan pre-release keenam openmamba 2.0, sebuah distribusi Linux desktop generik:

openmamba GNU/LinuxThe ISO images and archives of the sixth openmamba milestone2 pre-release are available for download. This new release adds the following new features: Linux kernel 3.0.4; support for 4+ GB RAM system; new stable live CD based on the GNOME desktop environment, version 2.32, 3.x will be optionally available as an upgrade when ready; new stable live CD based on the LXDE environment; USB 3.0 support for the USB live edition of openmamba; KDE 4.6.5; Chromium is the new default and recommended browser; added support for the open-source nouveau video driver for system having an NVIDIA graphical chipset, as well as updates with all other graphic drivers.

Informasi lebih lanjut bisa ditemukan di pengumuman rilis.

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