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Rilis OpenBSD 4.9

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Theo de Raadt mengumumkan rilis OpenBSD 4.9, sistem operasi berbasis BSD yang merupakan spesialis solusi keamanan tingkat tinggi dengan cara melakukan review kode secara mendalam. Apa yang baru?

OpenBSDOpenBSD amd64 and i386 – enabled NTFS by default (read-only) on GENERIC kernels; enabled the vmt driver by default for VMware tools support as a guest; SMP kernels can now boot on machines with up to 64 cores; maximum allocation size for i386 bumped to 2 GB; handle >16 disks when searching for kernel boot device; added support for AES-NI instructions found in recent Intel processors; further improvements in suspend and resume; processes are now switched to TSS per CPU on the amd64 platform, resulting in removal of the old limit of 4,000 processes. Improved hardware support, including: new vte driver for RDC R6040 10/100 Ethernet devices

Anda dapat mengunjungi halaman rilis OpenBSD 4.9 untuk membaca tinjauan teknis singkat produk.


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