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Rilis MINIX 3.1.7

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Ben Gras mengumumkan rilis MINIX 3.1.7, sistem operasi mirip-UNIX ini menggunakan arsitektur mikrokernel:

MINIXMINIX 3.1.7 is released. Major features: userspace scheduling and a scheduling server; proper support for multiple Ethernet cards of the same type; bug fixes (such as workaround to run on recent KVM); debug features (‘verbose’ boot monitor variable, access to debug registers DR0-DR7 in kernel); boot monitor allows loading images larger than 16 MB; root partition size increased to 64 MB (and setup script can now more or less safely deal with root partitions with non-default sizes); buildsystem support for building MINIX with GCC; source tree reorganization and clean-up; new ports – Git, GCC updated to version 4.4.3; secondary FS cache layer in VM that uses all available memory, reducing I/O wait time a lot.

Catatan rilis bisa anda temukan di halaman rilis MINIX.

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