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Rilis MCNLive Kris RC1

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Michel Hoogervorst mengumukan ketersediaan release candidate pertama MCNLive Kris, distribusi mini Linux Live CD berbasis Mandriva yang menyajikan Desktop KDE:

Here we are with the release candidate of MCNLive Kris. All problems found in the betas should be fixed by now. If no new problems are found this one will simply be renamed to final. A small introduction for the people who didn’t follow the betas. It won’t have all the nice features you might remember from MCNLive, but the most important things are there. Copy2ram is present, remastering on-the-fly is possible again and even booting from USB is no problem at all! Note that the way MCNLive is put on an USB stick has slightly changed. There is no wizard for this any more, but you can simply dd the ISO image to your stick, just like Mandriva One. You should even be able to use Mandriva Seed to put the image on your stick.

Anda dapat membaca pengumuman rilis untuk informasi lebih detail.


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