Rilis Mandriva Linux 2011 TP

Eugeni Dodonov mengumumkan ketersediaan rilis technology preview (TP) Mandriva Linux 2011, build pra-alpha untuk tester awal. rilis ini hadir dalam bentuk image DVD tunggal yang berfungsi sebagai media instalasi maupun Live DVD. Dari pengumuman rilis:

Mandriva LinuxThe technology preview showcases what will be inside the first Mandriva 2011 alpha release. It already comes with RPM 5, native systemd, NetworkManager support, KDE 4.6.0, kernel 2.6.37, Firefox 4b10, X.Org Server 1.9, Clementine 0.6 and lots of updated packages. Also, this technology preview shows a preview of the new way we are thinking on how to run and install the Mandriva desktop. It will be possible to use the same Mandriva image to run it live, from either a CD-ROM or a Flash drive, or install it, all from the same image.

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