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Rilis m0n0wall 1.33 Beta 2

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[fblike layout_style=’button_count’ show_faces=’false’ verb=’like’ font=’arial’ color_scheme=’light’]Manuel Kasper merilis build beta kedua m0n0wall 1.33, sistem operasi mini berbasis FreeBSD yang ditujukan untuk penggunaan sebagai firewall:

m0n0wallm0n0wall 1.33b2 released. This beta version introduces a new image type for generic PCs with a forced serial console, corrects driver issues with some Realtek network cards and fixes two small bugs in DHCP 6 handling and the captive portal. Changelog: a new image type ‘generic-pc-serial’ has been added, the only difference to generic-pc is that it always uses the serial console; reintroduced original FreeBSD if_re driver (to fix missing support for 8139C+) and added Realtek patched driver under a new name (if_rg) with lower priority to ensure that the Realtek patched driver is only used if the stock FreeBSD if_re/if_rl can’t handle the device; disallow webGUI passwords with colons (:) as mini_httpd has trouble handling them; fix broken captive portal sessions….

Anda dapat membaca informasi detail di changelog. Unduh:

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