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Rilis Lubuntu 10.04

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Julien Lavergne merilis Lubuntu 10.04, distribusi berbasis Ubuntu yang menawarkan desktop environment LXDE:

LubuntuLubuntu 10.04 is now available for download. Lubuntu is an Ubuntu variant using the LXDE desktop. It’s designed to be a lightweight and easy-to-use desktop environment. Lubuntu is actually not part of the Ubuntu family, and not build with the current Ubuntu architecture. This release is considered as a ‘stable beta’, a result that could be a final and stable release if it were included in the Ubuntu family. Please note also that Lubuntu 10.04 is not a LTS version. Features: based on the lightweight LXDE desktop environment; PCManFM 0.9.5, the rewrite of PCManFM using GIO/GVFS; LXDE, a new and lightweight GTK+ display manager; Chromium, the open-source edition of Google Chrome; based on Ubuntu 10.04.

Info lebih detail mengenai rilis ini bisa anda baca di pengumuman rilis.


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