Rilis Lubuntu 10.04 Beta 1, Ubuntu rasa LXDE

Julien Lavergne telah mengumumkan ketersediaan rilis beta pertama Lubuntu 10.04, sebuah varian non-resmi Ubuntu yang menawarkan desktop environment ringan LXDE sebagai desktop default :

Lubuntu ‘Lucid Lynx’ beta 1 released. New stuff since alpha 3: new logo; addition to the seed – gnome-disk-utility and simple-scan. Specific Lubuntu changes: new PCMan File Manager 2 and libfm; Lubuntu artwork with new logo; LXSession 0.4.3; LXTerminal 0.1.7; auto-start GNOME authentication (for polkit support); fix for blurry shut-down icon from elementary icons; don’t auto-start print applet. Known bug: if you test on a USB, the first screen will freeze for a moment when you click on ‘Try Lubuntu’ – just wait, it will continue as normal. If you want to create a bootable USB system, please use the USB Creator directly on Ubuntu.

Untuk informasi lebih detail, anda bisa membaca pengumuman rilis.

Unduh: lubuntu-lucid-beta1.iso (396MB, MD5, torrent).