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Rilis LinuxConsole 1.0.2010

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Yann Le Doare merilis LinuxConsole Linux 1.0.2010, distribusi independen dengan tujuan membuat console game yang udah digunakan:

LinuxConsoleVery fast boot – using Dash instead of Bash, using initramfs instead of initrd, modules management completely rewritten (no more cache, all modules mounted once), LXDE is started in 4 seconds when booting CD in VirtualBox; LXDE/PCManFM now default session; IceWM/Rox Filer can also be used; LXLauncher will be used for the game center; new module management with lcmtool; new tools – select time zone, wicd can be used to set up wireless connexions; install it on live CD or live USB; applications – latest Firefox, Thunderbird, Flash player, X.Org Server 1.9.2, Linux kernel, BusyBox 1.17.2, NVIDIA driver 260.19.29….

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