Rilis Linux Mint 201009 “Debian”

Pengalih perhatian menarik bagi pengembang Linux Mint – yang biasanya menggunakan Ubuntu sebagai basis digantikan dengan Debian cabang testing untuk membuat sebuah rilis baru edisi rolling Linux Mint:

Linux MintToday is very important for Linux Mint. It’s one day to remember in the history of our project as we’re about to maintain a new distribution, a rolling one, which promises to be faster, more responsive and with which we’re less reliable on upstream components. Linux Mint Debian edition (LMDE) comes with a Debian base, which we transformed into a live media and on top of which we added a new installer. It’s rougher and in some aspects not as user-friendly as our other editions, it’s very young but it will improve continuously and rapidly.

Anda dapat membaca pengumuman rilis dengan bagian FAQ singkat.